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  • 4 Live Zoom Sessions with our relatable and fun NCLEX instructors!
  • A day-by-day study calendar and plan for our recorded Crash Course!
  • Interactions with an entire team of board certified registered nurses who will lead your group through practice questions and discussions in a private community just for you!
    A passing guarantee! YES - you read that right! If you don't pass on your first try, then we will stand behind you and give you course access again for free if you complete the entirety of the program!

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Crash Course


Best value review course for becoming a real deal registered nurse!

  • This NCLEX prep course is a wonderful guide to figure out what you need to study further. I designed this course with you in mind so it’s in a Q&A format — quiz yourself as you go! It also includes a one month study plan so you know exactly what to study each and every day!

    • A no fluff, straightforward approach that allows you to feel as if you're studying with a friend!
    • 15+ hours of video covering 200+ topics 
    • 100s of NCLEX practice questions throughout the videos with rationales and explanations
    • Videos to help you manage pre-test anxiety and stress during your NCLEX RN exam
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